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Cooking in small spaces can be a big challenge, but with True Induction Cooktops, it doesn't have to be. Whether you're in an RV or a small kitchen under 50 square feet, True Induction has a cooktop for every kitchen.

Our most versatile cooktop is our double-burner cooktop. Such as the Mini Duo, Counter Inset, and our portable version. Once installed, our cooktops seamlessly blend  with the countertop surface, creating a sleek and modern look.

The True Induction method of cooking is more energy efficient than a traditional resistance-style burner. This permits instant control of the burner, allowing for more precise cooking. And with rapid heating times, our cooktop can boil a cup of water in under 90 seconds!

Induction cooktops are magnetic-based instead of using flame or gas. Once a pot or pan is removed from the cooktop, the cooktop begins to cool down immediately. The underlying surface only heats up from contact with the heated pot, which significantly reduces the risk of burns and fires.

Thanks to our advanced technology, True Induction keeps your working area cool and won't work against your air conditioning. The only heat being produced is from the cooking top itself. And you will only need a damp cloth to clean your cooktop, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.


In today's fast-paced world, finding the time to cook dinner often gets put on hold. True Induction helps cut cooking time with its advanced induction technology. While electric stoves must first heat the coils before transferring heat to the pot, induction cooktops heat the pot directly, helping cut down on cooking time while saving energy. The True Induction method of cooking also allows for instant control of the burner and temperature, allowing for more precise cooking.

Child safety is the primary concern in a family home. Since the heating element used with induction is magnetic-based instead of fire or gas, once a pot or pan is removed, the burner will begin to cool immediately, reducing the risk of potential burns.

The surfaces on our cooktops are smooth in design, made for an easy and effortless cleanup. You only need a damp cloth to wipe your induction cooktop, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

Induction cooktops require specific pots and pans that are made of ferrous (meaning magnetic) materials. Such as cast iron, which is a popular material for both indoor and outdoor cooking and perfect for induction cooktops.


True Induction cooktops are the perfect solution for cooking in both hotel suites and assisted living facilities. Our products are built-to-last and can withstand the daily rigors of cooking. With built-in safety features and many versatile models, induction cooking is now accessible, affordable, and easy to use.

One of the most notable features that True Induction cooktops utilize is their ability to produce heat without open flames. This method of cooking reduces the risk of burns and kitchen fires while also being energy efficient. Our cooktops are engineered with magnetic-based technology that heats the pan or pot directly, so you can cook without worry.

An important function that separates induction cooking from traditional methods is that after a pot is removed from the burner, it will immediately begin to cool down, reducing the risk of burns and fires. Our pan detection feature will also shut off the unit if it does not detect a pan on the surface.

The modern design of our cooktops was created with simplicity and function in mind. The surface has been engineered with a one-piece ceramic glass where the touch sensors are located underneath, allowing the unit to be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. This eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals and makes cleaning simple.


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