The True Induction brand uses reliable and powerful induction technology to make cooking fast and effortless. Our cooktops use less energy than traditional kitchen appliances, cook food more efficiently, and allow for quick and simple cleanup; helping you save money and time.

Our quality products hold-up through a wide variety of situations, from the daily demands of the family kitchen to hotel settings and more. With built-in safety features and several versatile models, induction cooking is now accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use for everyone.

True Induction's dynamic product line and quality assurance stand above and beyond the competition.

About the Brand

True Induction is a specialty brand of kitchen appliances featuring induction technology. By focusing exclusively on induction we are able to track the most up-to-date innovations for potential new products and upgrades. The True Induction name also signifies quality assurance. We've tested our units in real life situations to make sure that the product’s specifications are in fact applicable to the modern day household.

With built-in safety features and two versatile models – induction cooking is now accessible, affordable and easy to use for everyone from newlyweds to retirees, growing families to the sleekest restaurants. True Induction’s dynamic product line and quality assurance measures stand above the competition. With True Induction you’ll never see cooking in quite the same way again.

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True Induction ETL True Induction ISO 9000 True Induction CSA

True Induction knows that when it comes to items used in the household both  quality and safety  are at the height of consumer concerns. The  True Induction  product line combines a sleek design with advanced technology all the while testing to quality-centric safety standards. Above you’ll see the accredited testing programs the  True Induction  cooktops have been tested to. By earning these labels and conforming to such standards the end user can rest assured knowing the  True Induction  offers a product line that produces consistent, safe results.