1) What is the cut out size for the TI-1B?
    The dimensions for the cutout are 11 ⅜" x 13¾".
        For the cutout dimensions of other models from True Induction, see our cutout size chart here.
*We always recommend having the unit on hand before making any cutouts. Side ventilation is important for thicker counters, and would require a different cut.

2) I cook on an electric stove. Will I save money on the electric bill, by using an induction portable or countertop stove?
Absolutely! In addition to being 3x more efficient than conventional stoves, the induction cooktops also emit less heat, saving an additional 10% on AC costs and making the portable stoves a great option for cooking in small spaces.

3) How do you install True Induction Cooktops? Are they wired into the system or plugged in?
These cooktops plug into a regular electrical outlet. Built-in models are UL858 listed and are able to be used as a countertop unit with provided rubber feet.

4) What size of cookware should be used with this unit?
The optimal cookware should be induction cookware with a diameter of 6 to 10 inches. Our larger burners are designed for even heating for everyday cooking.

5) Can these cooktops be used in RVs?
Yes. The True Induction cooktops are the number one choice for new RV installation with an 85% market share. UL858 listed for built-in installation.

6) How does the power sharing feature work?
The maximum power of an individual burner is at level 10. But when operating both burners, the combined total level is 14, meaning that when operating two burners at the same time, they will self adjust levels. When you increase the power of one side, the power output of the other side will reduce automatically. Additionally, if one side of the double burner is using the HEAT setting and the other side uses the TEMP setting, the maximum heat setting will be 9.

7) Do you need special pans/pots for these cooktops?
Induction requires pots and pans that are made of ferrous (meaning magnetic) materials. Induction cooking is very popular and most pan manufacturers have an induction line of cookware.

8) Are True Induction Cooktops certified?
Yes. True Induction cooktops are UL 858 listed, ETL and FCC certified. UL 858 requires an all metal bottom and has a higher standard for internal components. Even though internal components are better protected, built-in models benefit from this standard.

9) What is the temperature range of True Induction Cooktops?
The temperature range is 150°F - 450°F, and it is great for cooking soups, stews, and sauces.

10) Does the cooktop surface get hot?
The cooktop surface will not get hot until you place your cookware. Our cooktops are engineered with magnetic-based technology that heats the pan or pot directly, so you can cook without worry.

11) How to protect the cooktop from spots and scratches?
We offer non-slip rubber cooking mats which are specifically designed to avoid scratches on the surface while holding your cookware in place. These mats also withstand heat up to 450° and are designed for easy cleaning.
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