True Induction cooktops are the perfect solution for both hotel suites, assisted living facilities, and more. Our products are built-to-last and can withstand the daily rigors of cooking. With built-in safety features and many versatile models, induction cooking is now accessible, affordable, and easy to use for everyone.

All of our True Induction models are UL certified, and our Triple Burner is UL 197 commercial certified.

One of the most notable features that True Induction cook tops utilize is the ability to produce heat without an open flame. This method of cooking reduces the risk of burns, kitchen fires, and is more energy efficient than other kitchen appliances. Our cook tops are engineered with magnetic-based technology that heats the pan or pot directly, allowing for more precise cooking. Another important function that separates induction cooking from traditional cooking methods is that after a pot is removed, the burner area it begins to immediately cool down, significantly reducing the risk of burns. Our pan-detection feature will shut the unit off if it does not detect a pan on the surface of the unit.

The modern design of our cooktops were created with simplicity and function in mind. The face of our cooktops has been engineered with a one-piece ceramic glass surface, allowing the unit to be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.