Cooking in a small space can be a big challenge, but with True Induction's cooktops, it doesn't have to be. With the average size of an R.V. or Tiny Home's kitchen being under 50 square feet, finding space for cooking appliances isn't always easy.

True Induction has three different double burner models: Mini Duo, Counter Inset and Portable to make cooking in tight spaces a breeze. Once placed, our cooktops are flush with the countertop surface creating a sleek and modern look.

The True Induction method of cooking is more energy efficient than a traditional resistance style burner. The True Induction cooktop permits instant control of the burner allowing for more precise cooking. With rapid heating times, our cooktop will boil water in 90 seconds.

Thanks to our advanced technology, True Induction keeps your working area cool and won¡¯t work against your air conditioning. The only heat being produced is from the cooking top itself. To clean your cooktop you will only need a damp cloth, eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals.