In today's fast paced world, finding the time to cook dinner often gets put on the back burner. True Induction helps cut cooking time with its advanced induction technology. While electric stoves must first heat the coils before transferring heat to the pot, induction cooktops directly heat the pot directly, helping cut down on cook time and save energy. The True Induction method of cooking also allows for instant control of the burner and temperature, allowing for more precise cooking.

Child safety is the primary concern in the family home. Since the heating element used with induction is magnetic-based instead of using flame or gas, once a pot or pan is removed, the burner starts to cool immediately, significantly reducing the risk of potential burns.

The surface of our cook tops are smooth in design enabling an easy and effortless cleanup. You will only need a damp cloth to wipe your induction cooktop with, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

To cook most effectively, induction requires specific pots and pans that are made of ferrous (meaning magnetic) materials. Cast iron is a popular material for both indoor and outdoor cooking and is perfect for use with induction cooktops.