True Induction TI-1SS | UL197 Certified, 3500W Single Induction Portable Cooktop, 13in. Glass Ceramic Top, Commercial

Our Commercial True Induction units provide the same flexibility and efficiency as our single residential cooktops, but with the range and power of a commercial-grade appliance.

  • UL197 Listed - CETL & FCC Certified
  • Built-in Safety Functions
  • Quick Touch Level Selection
  • Exact Temperature Settings
  • Timer Setting
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Our True Induction TI-1SS Portable Single Induction Cooktop is UL197 Certified and comes with an instructional manual and a two year limited warranty. Available at participating retailers. Distributed by True Induction at Sequoia Brands.

    Features Include: built-in safety functions, quick touch level selection, exact temperature settings, timer setting and product registration.

    Brand True Induction
    Model TI-1SS
    Appliance Type Induction
    Wattage 3500 Watts
    Voltage 220v/ 60Hz
    Temperature Range 150°F - 450°F
    Max Time 150 Min.
    Dimensions 13" W x 16" L x 4" H
    Burner Type Single
    Surface Glass-Ceramic Top
    Installation Portable
    Control Type Touch
    Appliance Use Commercial
    Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
    Certifications UL197 Listed - 
    CETL & FCC Certified

    Adjustable leveling legs, auto-turn off if cookware is not present, stainless steel housing, bolt to wall to secure unit for non-portable usage

    The True Induction 220V Commercial Single Induction Cooktop provides you extra cooking abilities to streamline production. This will enable you to reduce prep time and provide faster service to your customers.

    Features include: stainless steel body, auto-off safety function, quick touch level selection, exact temperature settings, wattage settings, and timer settings. The commercial cooktop comes with a standard 220V plug found in most restaurants and commercial kitchens.

    This unit gives you the same efficiency as our normal induction cooktops, but with the power and control of a commercial-grade appliance. This 3500 watt single burner will boil 2 cups of water in a minute. Induction heating works by using magnetic field based technology to excite the molecules in magnetic pots to generate heat. A safety feature of this unit allows it to cycle on and off once the temperature reaches what it is set to. This prevents the pan from overheating and burning. Additional features include: adjustable legs for height preference, bolt holes to allow the unit to be secured to a wall, and 15 heating levels.


    Manual: True Induction TI-1SS Manual-3500W
    Manual: True Induction TI-1SS Manual-3200W
    QB ID: TI-1SS