Small spaces, big innovations. Cooking in a small space can be a big challenge, but with True Induction's cooktops it doesn't have to be. With the average size of an R.V. or Tiny Home's kitchen being under 50 square feet, finding space for cooking appliances isn't easy. True Induction has three different double burner models: Mini Duo, Counter Inset and Portable that will help your need for space in a big way. With the Mini Duo and Counter Inset (seen installed in the top image) they provide you the convenience of valuable countertop real estate. Once placed, our cooktops are flush with the countertop surface therefore, they are able to concealed when not being used. While our Portable Model (seen in the bottom image) is a freestanding unit and is easily stored away when not in use.

Cool features, flameless heat. One of the biggest features of cooking with a True Induction cooktop is its heating element. When cooking in a small space things can heat up quickly. You won't have to sweat it with True Induction. The pot or pan is the only element that is heated, so the air surrounding is not directly affected. Unlike the competitors with electric or gas burners, the heating source won't work against your air conditioning. Leaving you cool and comfortable.

Don't get burned by other cook tops. Fire safety, ventilation of gases or chemicals are the primary concerns in small space cooking. Since the heating element used with induction is magnetic-based instead of using flame or gas, once a pot or pan is removed from the cooktop, the cooktop begins to cool down immediately. The underlying surface only heats up from contact with the heated pot, which significantly reduces the risk of burns. The surface of our cook tops are sleek in design, enabling easy clean up. You will only need a damp cloth, eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals.

Black is the new green. The True Induction method of cooking is more energy efficient than a traditional resistance style burner, it permits instant control of the burner allowing for more precise cooking. With rapid heating times, our cook top will boil water in 90 seconds.

Spend less time cooking, and more time traveling. You better hurry up and set the table, food is almost ready.