Less time cooking, more family time. In today's fast pace world, finding the time to cook dinner gets put on the back burner. Dinner time consists of the closest fast food joint or frozen meals that are consumed on TV trays in front of the television. Now technology is enabling us to be able to accomplish more with less time, including the time spent cooking in the kitchen. Induction cooking utilizes magnetic-based technology that quickly heats up food. With an electric stove, for example, the electric coil must first heat up, and heat is then transferred to the pot. With induction cooktops, the pot is heated directly, which is faster and more energy-efficient. The True Induction method of cooking permits instant control of the burner, allowing for more precise cooking. With rapid heating times, our cook top will boil water in 90 seconds. So you can now skip the drive through lane and can enjoy a home cooked meal in less time.

Don't get burned by other cook tops. Child safety is the primary concern for cooking in the home. Since the heating element used with induction is magnetic-based instead of using flame or gas, once a pot or pan is removed, the burner starts to cool immediately, which significantly reduces the risk of a child getting burned by putting their hand on a stove.

Clean lines for easy and safe cleaning. The surface of our cook tops are smooth in design, enabling easy clean up. You will only need a damp cloth, eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals.

The thrill without the grill. Cooking on the grill for a weekend gathering is one of the unofficial symbols of summer time or certain holidays. The scene of a person smiling while flipping burgers, guests laughing in conversation, and children swimming in the background is displayed anywhere from commercial advertisements to major motion picture films. It is a glorified concept, but the reality is that this person is cooking for the majority of the time and ends up sweaty and smelling like gas or charcoal. So how does Induction cooking improve on this activity? Induction requires specific pots and pans that are made of ferrous (meaning magnetic) materials. Cast iron is a popular material for both indoor and outdoor cooking and is perfect for induction. Induction cooktop developers have produced an induction compatible griddle that has been made widely available. A griddle is a must have for any kitchen, since you can cook family favorites such as steaks, hamburgers, sausages, hot dogs, breakfast food, chicken breast, etc. The same concepts of cooking with induction that were mentioned before can now be utilized in cooking your favorite grilled or barbequed meals. This means you can spend more time with the ones you care about, while cooking food evenly, safely, and quickly.

With True Induction you can spend more time with what matters most: family.