True Induction Portable Dual Burner Cooktop

As seen on “Treehouse Masters” on Animal Planet

Treehouse Masters

“Treehouse Masters” with Animal Planet reached out to True Induction in the hopes of achieving a solution with True Induction Portable Double Burner cooktop in one of their treehouses in Canton, NC. They became interested after learning of the versatility of two burners being able to be plugged into one regular outlet and with the energy efficiency of our burners. With True Induction cooktops, they provide a modern day convenience perfect for “Treehouse Masters” compact kitchen designs.

How it works:

Induction cooking utilizes magnetic-based technology to excite the molecules within the metal contained in compatible ferrous (meaning magnetic) cookware. This creates a magnetic circuit where the cookware itself then heats because of the molecule excitement. This process enables rapid heating times with cookware heating evenly in 45 seconds and water boiling in 90 seconds.

Enjoy preparing food faster than previously thought imaginable without the limitations of using a microwave. Induction cooking is more energy efficient because it reduces heat from diverting to the general cooking area and it creates a safer cooking experience because there are no open flames or exterior heated coils.

* “Treehouse Masters” with Animal Planet does not endorse the True Induction brand or product. True Induction is not a official provider or sponsor for the show or its cast.