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2 Year Warranty This four burner induction cooker comes with a risk-free 60 day trial from Sequoia Brands, instruction manual and two year limited warranty. Features include: power-invariance technology, built-in safety functions, quick touch level selection, exact temperature settings and timer setting.

Power 5500 Watts
Voltage 240v / 60 Hz
Temperature Range 150°F - 450°F (exact temp. settings)
Level Selection Selecting settings 1 through 10
Max Time Set timer up to 99 minutes
Material Ceramic Glass Cooktop
Unit Measurement 30" width x 21" length x 4 1/4" height

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Induction cooking utilizes magnetic-based technology to excite the molecules within the metal contained in compatible ferrous (meaning magnetic) cookware. This creates a magnetic circuit where the cookware itself then heats because of the molecule excitement. This process enables rapid heating times with cookware heating evenly in 45 seconds and water boiling in 90 seconds.

Enjoy hot beverages or soups faster than previously thought imaginable without the limitations of using a microwave. Induction cooking is more energy efficient because it reduces heat from diverting to the general cooking area and it creates a safer cooking experience because there are no open flames or exterior heated coils.


Induction CompatibleInduction requires pots and pans that are made of ferrous (meaning magnetic) materials. Check your cookware's retail box for the induction symbol. To tell if your current cookware is compatible with the induction technology, grab a magnet and see if it holds to the bottom of the cookware. If your magnet stays then your cookware is ready to be used on the True Induction double burner induction portable cooktop! Optimal cookware has a flat bottom and a diameter of 4.5” - 10” inches.

Compatible Cookware

Before cleaning always switch OFF the device and unplug, wait for it to be completely cool. Clean the unit after each use to remove food residues. Wipe off the glass-ceramic plate and the plastic surface with a slightly damp cloth. Make sure that no water seeps into the device. Never use abrasive cleaners (i.e. metal pads) or oil-based liquids.

When not in use, store the cooktop in a dry place. Refer to product manual for additional cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

Control Panel Overview

Wire unit directly to 220V receptacle on a circuit with a 25 amp circuit breaker fuse. Turn power on by pressing ON/OFF once. The power light indicators will turn red and the unit will start heating if a proper ferromagnetic pot is used.

There are two heat setting options – quick touch level selection (setting 1 through 10) and exact temperature settings (150 °F - 450 °F).

  • To select the quick touch level heat setting, press the + / - key, until the desired heat setting is achieved. The default is set to level 5.
  • To select temperature settings, press “temp” button and watch for the temperature light to turn red. The default setting is 270°F. To alter the default press the + / - key, until the desired heat setting is achieved. The temperature range is 150 °F - 450 °F and varies in 30 degree increments (150°, 180°, 210°, 240°, 270°, 300°, 330°, 360°, 390°, 420°, 450° F).

When it comes to power balance, not all Four Burner Induction Cookers are made the same. True Induction has advanced power invariance technology which makes all the difference. Here's why: Other four burner induction units work in such a way that each burner uses half the power available from a standard outlet. Yet, with True Induction's power invariance technology, each burner can use up to the full amount of power available from that same outlet, cooking your food up to twice as fast. When all four burners are being used the unit senses the amount of power coming into the unit, and each heating zone will adjust to have a max power of 5500W. Because of True Induction's exclusive advanced technology when you use a four burner cooktop by True Induction you'll never have to worry about tripping the breaker or reduced power output.

The maximum power of an individual burner level is at setting 10. But, when operating both burners their combined total is level 10, meaning that when operating all four burners at the same time they’ll self adjust levels accordingly. When you increase the power of one side, the power output of the other side will reduce automatically (i.e., one side is at 6, the other burner automatically reduces power to level 4 creating a total of max 10 setting).

True Induction makes life simpler with the timer setting option. It’s great to use when making foods that have specific timing instruction like rice or pasta. To use this timer feature press the “timer” button - the indicator light will turn red. Press the + / - key, until the desired heat setting is achieved. You will be able to select the operating time in increments of 5 minutes (and reductions of 1 minute). The timer is defaulted at 0 minutes and can reach up to 150 minutes total.

After cooking is complete, press the ON/OFF button to turn off the unit. This unit goes in “standby mode” if cooking time has reached a total of 150 minutes. This is a built-in safety feature. The standby mode is recognized by an LED light showing “EE” followed by a sound. To restart cooking after “standby mode” just press ON/OFF button and it will restart.


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